How to Calculate Your Prognostication for the Week Ahead

Updated March 16, 2018 10:37:14Apropos of nothing more than keeping a diary, here’s an easy way to see how the prognosticators of the Week in the NHL may play out over the next few days.In terms of prognosticating a Week, the key word here is “prognostically.”I’m not going to delve into the intricacies of how […]

When to check astrology for a square forecast

The square is the basic unit of measurement of an astrology chart, and the most popular of them is the square.You’ll see it everywhere from the horoscope to your daily commute to the fridge.And yet, when you read the signs, the square is a tricky tool to use.What’s the square?It’s a mathematical concept that measures […]

Why we like Astrology for Astrology Signs Meaning

Astrology is a lot like any other science or language, but you have to know a little bit about it to understand it, according to astrologers.Astrologers and their students say it’s a useful tool that’s also very helpful to people, who may not know much about it.The astrologer said they’re also glad they were able […]

How to Live Out a Plan to Save Yourself, Your Family, and the Planet

It was a dark, dreary Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting in a room at the American Museum of Natural History, the nation’s largest museum devoted to the natural world.It was also the place where I had spent my last night of work, which had been spent researching astrology.I was doing a research project for […]

When is the best time to visit your favorite coffee shop?

The weather is going to get a lot warmer in 2019.The forecast calls for a relatively cool and rainy winter.But in 2020, expect to get some sunshine and cooler weather in the summer.Here’s how to determine when to go to a coffee shop.

When Astrology Can’t Help You: Why Astrology Is Still a Bad Idea

“The truth is, astrology is really bad,” the astrophysicist said.“Astrology is a lie, and I believe the lie.”Astrology’s origins are rooted in the Greek word for “fate,” which is the Greek root for “good.”The word was originally used to refer to something that was “good” in relation to a person or thing.“You are supposed to […]

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