How astrology works

Astrology has a long history of being used in religious contexts.The idea of an “official” book of astrology was first proposed by Greek mathematician and astrologer Euclid in the 15th century.The book was later published in 1609 and became widely accepted.But as astrology has become more and more popular, there’s been a growing push for […]

What to do when you need to use the Astrology Compatibility Calculator

TechCrunch article The Astrology compatibility tool allows users to compare astrology with other planets, constellations, and solar systems.It’s one of the more advanced and accurate tools available, and it can be used to test astrology in your own life.To use the tool, you need a basic knowledge of astronomy and a few hours of free […]

Astrology is your friend for predicting the future

A new study finds astrology predicts the future more accurately than the weather and economics fields.The new research by University of California, Irvine’s John Ioannidis, PhD, and his team of researchers found astrology can predict the future almost as well as economists, weather experts, and even politicians.In fact, astrology predicted the next president by a […]

‘We can’t accept it’: Veda devotees face discrimination

The Hindu, November 11, 2020″I’ve been discriminated against for my faith and I am still going to be discriminated against,” said Nandan.“I don’t believe in discrimination.I’ve seen discrimination and people have done things to me.I just can’t believe it’s happening.”But I believe in equality.I’m not religious but I believe there should be no discrimination in […]

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