CBS News has learned that it’s not the meteorite that’s the problem, but rather the astronomical events occurring around it.

The event is one of the biggest in human history and was created to celebrate a major astronomical event in the sky.

It was the first meteorite impact to be documented by scientists and has been referred to as “the biggest meteorite ever discovered.”

The impact has also been linked to other scientific discoveries and events.

Astronomers have discovered many new planets, stars and other celestial objects.

They’re also finding more than half of the stars in the universe are found in clusters of stars that orbit the Sun.

The stars have been dubbed the Big Bang, or the beginning of the universe.

The new discovery is expected to cause a boom in astronomy, and is likely to bring the number of stars in our galaxy to hundreds of billions.

Scientists are looking at the meteorites to find out more about the history of the formation of the cosmos and its formation of stars, planets and galaxies.

They hope that the new discovery will lead to new ways to study the universe and the origins of the world.