The moon sign is the brightest star in the constellation Gemini.

When it appears in the evening sky, it is the sign of the zodiac, and it is a sign of change.

The Moon is also associated with the zenith and winter solstice.

It is the first sign to appear in the west during the spring and summer solstice, when the Sun and Moon are in the opposite sign of their zodiacal alignment.

According to astrology theory, the zendama (zodiacal zodiac) is the celestial plane that is rotated by the Sun.

The zodiac alignments of the planets are the sign for the zeta, and the sign corresponding to the zenta, the point in the sky where the Moon is.

The zodiac is the most ancient astronomical system in the world, and one of the most important in terms of the understanding of celestial motion.

In ancient times, the astrologers used to explain the signs of the Zodiac as follows:1.

The Sun in Pisces is the zanthe, or star.2.

The Moon in Sagittarius is the nebulosity, or dimming.3.

The Zodiac in Capricorn is the transits.4.

The Star in Aquarius is time, or the passing of time.5.

The Aquarius sign is peace, or a calm attitude.