A new app from the Astrology Society of Australia is being hailed as a game-changer in Australia’s astronomy community, with many scientists believing it could help explain the phenomenon of “geomagnetic anomalies”.

Key points:Astrology app allows users to choose from a list of “known astrologers”, including famous names like Sir Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, and then to pick from their astrological predictions, the company saidThe app is currently available for iPhone, iPad and Android devicesThe Astrology App is available for iOS devices.

It is the first app to allow users to make astrolological predictions and has been described as a “game-changers” in the astronomy communityThe app allows you to choose a “known” astrologer, with each being a personality type like personality type A, B, C, D, F, G or H. Then you can select a prediction to be made and a set of astrolical signs.

A user will then be able to “pick” a sign to predict the next event, with up to 100 possible predictions per day.

The app’s developers said they hoped the app would help astrologists, students and scientists alike to better understand the relationship between the stars, and the geomagnetic changes that can occur.

“Astrology is an extremely interesting science, and one that has fascinated the world for centuries, but there are still many questions that astrologians, scientists and those interested in astrology need to be able the answer,” Astrology Australia chief executive and co-founder Chris Loughton said.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this app to our Australian users.”

The Astrological App has the potential to help astrology scientists and students gain a deeper understanding of their field and their subjects.

“The Astrologers’ Companion app, also released in March, is designed to help “geo-magnetic” scientists and researchers “explore the relationships between the physical and mental worlds”.

But the app’s developer, Skybox, said that while it could be useful for astrologaries and students looking to learn more about astrology, it would not be able “to predict or explain the geometrical anomalies of the solar system”.”[It] can only explain the physical properties of the stars,” Mr Loughtons said.”[Astrologers] need to understand the physical reality of the planets and the solar systems.”

He added that astrology apps would need to continue to be developed, with “a strong focus on the scientific research, not just the practical applications”.