Updated March 16, 2018 10:37:14Apropos of nothing more than keeping a diary, here’s an easy way to see how the prognosticators of the Week in the NHL may play out over the next few days.

In terms of prognosticating a Week, the key word here is “prognostically.”

I’m not going to delve into the intricacies of how this works, but here’s a quick rundown.

The Prognosticator’s Job – The prognosticator works for one of the three major NHL teams (the Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, or Toronto Maple Leafs).

The prognostators job is to forecast the outcomes of the games, whether they be the Stanley Cup Final, the Stanley Series Final, or the Final Six.

The progns are expected to provide prognostics that will be reported in the newspapers, on TV, and online.

The Prognoster is expected to make some assumptions about what the future holds and what is expected of each team in the upcoming series.

The Predictor – The Predictor is an astrologer who is a member of the NHL team’s staff.

The Predictors job is mainly to keep track of which teams are likely to win, which teams will lose, and which teams have a chance to win the Stanley Cups.

The Predictions – The Predictions are predictions from the prognosers that are expected from each team.

The Predicts predictions will be updated and reported on the teams daily newspaper or on the team’s website.

The odds of each game in the series being a win or a loss will be listed on the Predictions page of the paper.

The number of points in the standings will be displayed in parentheses.

The odds are based on the number of wins in the previous two games (and thus on the odds of winning a playoff series).

The teams odds of victory is a function of the number and type of wins, as well as how well they have performed in the past.

The Stars have a great chance to make it to the Final and the odds are the same for the Blackhawks, but the odds will be different for the Wild, Canadiens, Flyers, or Rangers.

The Canadiens and Wild have a better chance of winning their division than the Stars and Hawks.

The Jets and Lightning have a very high probability of winning the Eastern Conference and the Wild and Flyers have a low probability of making it to their respective conferences.

The Penguins and Senators have a much lower probability of getting a chance in the Stanley, but they are a better bet to make the playoffs.

The Kings have a good chance to qualify for the conference finals and are a strong contender for the Stanley.

The Capitals are a very strong candidate for the division finals and a good bet to win their division.

The Canadiens and Flyers both have a lot of young talent, but both have some question marks.

The Flyers have some young talent and the Capitals have some questions.

The Wild have one of these teams that will surprise the world and the Avalanche could surprise everyone.

The Blackhawks are a good team with a lot to prove, but are very well coached.

The Ducks and Stars could be very good teams.

The Bruins are a team that needs to get better, but is still very young.

The Penguins are a young team with an incredible team around them.

The Rangers are a contender and a strong team with lots of young potential.

The Wild has a young core that could be the best team in hockey.

The Oilers are a big underdog in the Western Conference, but have a strong playoff team.

The Blues are a little wildcard, but could surprise us all.

The Flyers could surprise all of us and will be a very good team.