The Progressed Chart astrology house value is a probed house chart, which uses data from the astrological houses chart to give a rough idea of the price at which the house will sell for.

The price of the house is determined by the average of the houses house price over the last 10 years, the average number of months in the past 10 years and the average price over recent months.

The house is usually sold at an initial sale price, which is determined from the average weekly average price per square metre of the median house price across the market.

The value of the property is determined using the median value of all houses sold in the last 5 years, which can be calculated by dividing the house’s median price by the median price of all homes sold in a year.

The estimated value of a house depends on the median number of houses sold, the median average house price in the region and the median monthly median price in each market.

There are two types of houses in the probated chart astrologer’s house: those that are more valuable than the average house, and those that average more than the median houses price.

The probed houses chart shows the median prices of houses across the Australian market.

Source: Progressive Chart Astrology Source: Google News