JUNE 23, 2018 12:35:37 New research from the University of Edinburgh has found that astrology is far more reliable than the traditional astrology.

The findings have been published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The researchers found that people who studied the astrological chart were more likely to be able to accurately predict the future.

The study used data from the National Astrological Survey and the UK National Astrology Survey.

Dr Eamonn Moyle, a research fellow at the University’s Department of Mathematics, said: “It is possible that astrologers use this chart as a sort of guidebook to predict the behaviour of the universe in the future and we could be using this chart to make predictions about the behaviour in the present.”

This study has shown that astrolists are very reliable predictors of what people will do in the next few years, as well as the behaviour we will see in the past.

This is because astrology cannot tell us about what will happen in the coming years, he said.”

It’s the same for people who study astrology and it’s the only way we can really understand the future behaviour of people,” Dr Moyle said.

This is because astrology cannot tell us about what will happen in the coming years, he said.

The study looked at the outcomes of about 5,000 people who took part in the National Survey of Astrology and National Astrologers.

The survey was conducted between January and June of this year.

Dr Moyle used data collected from the UK and Ireland’s National Astrography Survey.

“We looked at how the respondents were predicting the future behavior of themselves, their families and friends,” he said .

“We found that the more accurate they were at predicting the behaviour they wanted to see in their future, the more they predicted.”

The researchers analysed the predictions of the people who were most likely to use the astrology chart to predict future behaviour, Dr Moyles research partner, Dr John Tolan, said.

“People who were more accurate in predicting their future behaviour were more inclined to do this in their daily life and we can’t know how they are actually making those predictions,” Dr Tolan said.

For the study, the researchers used the National Population Survey and its questionnaire to collect data from people aged 18 and over in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Dr Tolan also looked at data from another survey, the National Cohort Study.

“The National Cohorts Survey is an important component of our research as it allows us to look at trends in our data over time,” Dr Michael Dutton, a researcher at the Centre for Astrophysics at University College London, said in a statement.

“These studies show that astral charts are not only reliable, they can predict future behavior.”

The scientists say they hope to apply their research to other areas, such as the health of people and their relationships, and to the future of the Earth.

Astrology is a science which deals with the stars, planets and other celestial bodies.

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