As we age, our bodies age, and our minds age, so too do our thoughts.

So it makes sense that astrology might have something to do with that.

But the scientific evidence is less conclusive than we might expect.

In fact, astrology has come under scrutiny over the past decade.

We know that the more we practice astrology, the more susceptible we become to mental illness.

Some researchers have found that practicing astrology as a form of medicine can increase the risk of mental illness in people who already have it.

A 2013 study, for example, found that those who have practiced astrology for at least 10 years had higher rates of depression and anxiety than those who had not.

The American Psychological Association has also recently issued a statement, saying that astrological readings are not evidence of psychological health.

That statement is in keeping with scientific evidence that astrologers can cause a range of physical and psychological health problems.

However, astrologists do not have any scientific evidence to back up their claims about mental illness, or that their practices are associated with any real health risks.

What is the scientific consensus?

As a general rule, researchers agree that there is no conclusive evidence that the practice of astrology causes mental illness or other mental health problems, but there are some signs of this.

Astrologers claim that their readings can predict future events.

Some studies have found this to be true, and others have not.

But there is some doubt about the validity of this claim.

There is a reason for this, though.

For one thing, there is a lot of evidence that there are not enough astrologians practicing to have enough data to draw a definitive conclusion.

There are also problems with the way astrology works.

It relies on the mind to act, and when it does that, it can make predictions about what we may or may not do.

A recent study found that astro-psychologists often used mental images to predict the future.

So some of these astrologors may be relying on the power of their mental images.

Astrology also is not a reliable predictor of health.

It is a science that relies on a combination of factors, such as how well you understand the scientific method, and how well your astrologist or your family knows how to interpret your astrology.

Astrological predictions don’t always hold up to scientific scrutiny.

A 2006 study by University of California, Irvine psychologist Susan L. Karpman and her colleagues found that, of the people who read astrology predictions on astrology readings, only one-third were able to use the information to treat a physical health problem.

Another study found no link between astrology and mental health.

So astrology does not appear to be the only health-promoting practice that may have mental health risks, but it is one that many of us may take for granted.

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