MSA, one of the oldest associations in the world, has announced its astrology predictions for the coming year.

The association has said it will release the results of its 2017-18 annual report next month, with the first results due on March 31.

It is one of only two organisations to have published such forecasts in the past five years.

MSA says its predictions will be used in public and private organisations.

The results will be published in three formats: a traditional MSA report, a more interactive version and a web version, with an interactive chart.

The report is due on April 11.MSA has already forecast for the years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, but in 2018-19 the organisation was unable to publish its predictions because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The organisation has not published any new predictions in 2019-2020 because of that.

MSA says the report will provide “the most complete, up-to-date forecast for 2018-2020, including forecasts for all major events and events that are important to MSA’s members”.MSA said it aims to publish a final report by 2020, with further updates and forecasts for 2019-2021.

The organisation, which began in 1929, has more than 150 members across more than 200 countries.

Its forecasts are based on the traditional calendar that MSA uses for its members, which it says is based on an “observation and interpretation of the planets and their movements”.

This means the organisation’s forecasts are “not based on predictions from any other organisation”.

It also uses the astrological predictions from the National Astrological Association, the Astrolabe, the Association of Astrologers and the National Association of Meteorological Societies.MESA, which is based in the Netherlands, said its predictions are based in reality and are based “on an examination of historical and contemporary events”.

It said MSA has a reputation for accurate forecasts, with its latest forecasts “one of the most accurate in the industry”.

The MSA organisation has more information about its forecasts at its website.