A chart by The New York Daily News shows that the numbers of socially awkward men have grown since the late 1980s.

The chart, published on Thursday, shows that more than 20 percent of men aged 18 to 24 said they were socially awkward in the past year, compared to 10 percent in 2003.

A total of 12 percent of the men said they had been socially awkward since the 1970s, the Daily News said.

The trend has been described as the “Zodiac Age”.

It began in the mid-1980s and peaked in the late 1990s, according to The New Yorker, with a rise in socially awkward behaviour among men aged 25 to 34.

The article said the trend was linked to the sexualisation of men by the media, including in film and television.

In 2002, The New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup in the inaugural edition of the Zodiac Age.

The magazine said that while it was difficult to pinpoint the cause, a rise was possible because the “uncomfortable” were increasingly portrayed as villains in media.

“It was inevitable, the zeitgeist was there and men in the entertainment industry were taking advantage of the zeitoics,” author Mark Harris told the paper.

The report also revealed that a quarter of men surveyed said they wanted to “discover” a woman and have sex with her, and a third said they felt “compelled to do so”.

But men were more likely to say they would like to be a wife and a mother.

The Daily News reported that the trend is particularly concerning in the United States, where sexual harassment and assault are often considered acceptable.

In 2017, there were more than 500 sexual assaults and harassment allegations in the US, according a report by the National Council of Women.

About 17,000 rapes were reported in the country last year, according the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

The group said the number of rapes and assaults were rising at a time when it said women were being “hounded out of the workforce”.

The report said: “There is a disconnect between what’s expected and what’s possible.

The problem is that sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual exploitation and violence are on the rise, and the zeo-zodiac is in full effect.”

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