You’re probably familiar with wallpaper images and wallpaper patterns.

But you might also be surprised to know how astrologers use the images to communicate their astrological beliefs.

Here’s a look at the top astrology and astrology wallpaper and patterns for your reading pleasure: Astrology wallpaper patterns and images:The best astrology/astrology wallpapers and images available for your viewing pleasure.1.

Aperture: The White Rose2.

The Book of the Sea3.

The Star of Bethlehem4.

The Moon5.

The Sun6.

The Stars of Bethlehem7.

The Night Sky8.

The Compass9.

The Eye of God10.

The Great Comet of 1610 The Moon: The Great Moon of Astrology11.

The White Roses12.

The Cross of the Sun13.

The Earth14.

The Seven Sisters15.

The Holy Land16.

The Four Seasons17.

The Rainbow of the West18.

The Three-Body Problem19.

The Tetragrammaton20.

The Sperm Whale21.

The Lion21.

St. Peter’s Cross22.

The Virgin Mary23.

The Eagle24.

The Golden Rule25.

The Crucifixion of Christ26.

The Sea of Galilee27.

The Sacred Tree28.

The Mount of Olives29.

The Angel of the Covenant30.

The Olive Branch31.

The Lamb of God32.

The Sign of the Cross33.

The Triangle34.

The Crown of Thorns35.

The Thorns of Bethlehem36.

The Tower of Babel37.

The Sword of God38.

The Arrow of Moses39.

The Tree of Life40.

The Temple41.

The Ark of the Cosmos42.

The Serpent in the Garden43.

The Black Cloud44.

The Seal of Solomon45.

The Stone of Destiny46.

The Pearl of Great Price47.

The Red Star48.

The Pillars of Wisdom49.

The Circle of Life50.

The Wand of Hermes51.

The Chain of Heaven52.

The Five Pillars53.

The Shield of Solomon54.

The Two Pillars55.

The Staff of Solomon56.

The Key of Solomon57.

The Wheel of Time58.

The Ring of Fate59.

The Veil of the Celestial City60.

The Gate of the Moon61.

The Nineveh Catacombs62.

The Garden of Eden63.

The Waters of Life64.

The Throne of the Lord65.

The Sanctuary of the Three Sisters66.

The Mirror of the Waters of Creation67.

The Sky of the Land of the Dead68.

The Window of Life69.

The Door of Creation70.

The Bridge of Heaven71.

The Gates of Heaven72.

The Table of Contents73.

The Tablet of Destiny74.

The Pillar of the Veil75.

The Light of the Soul76.

The Cup of the Morning 77.

The Lantern of Life78.

The Candle of the Four Directions79.

The Torch of Wisdom80.

The Altar of the One-Eyed God81.

The Tabernacle of the Two Eyed God82.

The Ladder of Light83.

The Cornerstone of the Holy of Holies84.

The Pentagram of the Light of God85.

The Ten Commandments of Moses86.

The Six-Pointed Star87.

The Column of the Sky88.

The Bow of the God of War89.

The Pyramid of Cheops90.

The Lilliputian Dog91.

The Owl of Minerva92.

The Diamond Horned Owl93.

The Winged Lion94.

The Fiery Horned Horned Turtle95.

The Horned Dragon96.

The Wreath of the World97.

The Symbol of the Golden Apple98.

The Chariot of Hermes99.

The Emerald Necklace100.

The Hand of the Serpent101.

The Orb of the King102.

The Bottle of Wisdom103.

The Egg of the Mother of Wisdom104.

The Coin of Wisdom105.

The Spear of Wisdom106.

The Hat of Wisdom107.

The Cloak of Wisdom108.

The Ribbon of Wisdom109.

The Feather of Wisdom110.

The Cap of Wisdom111.

The Badge of Wisdom112.

The Robe of Wisdom113.

The Earring of Wisdom114.

The Bead of Wisdom115.

The Wing of Wisdom116.

The Finger of Wisdom117.

The Necklace of Wisdom118.

The Pin of Wisdom119.

The Mask of Wisdom120.

The Lamp of Wisdom121.

The Rod of Wisdom122.

The Hammer of Wisdom123.

The Bolt of Wisdom124.

The Stick of Wisdom125.

The Blade of Wisdom126.

The Scabbard of Wisdom127.

The Sickle of Wisdom128.

The Knife of Wisdom129.

The Pendant of Wisdom130.

The Trident of Wisdom131.

The Dagger of Wisdom132.

The Pole of Wisdom133.

The Flute of Wisdom134.

The Pen of Wisdom135.

The Screw of Wisdom136.

The Pipe of Wisdom137.

The Bowl of