How to find a first house astrologer

How to Find an Astrologer who is Not a Freemason article How To Find an Independent Astrologist article How I discovered Astrology for the First Time article How Astrology can Change Your Life article How you can become an Astrology teacher source Four FourTwo title You can be an Astrological Teacher!article Astrology and the World […]

When to check astrology for a square forecast

The square is the basic unit of measurement of an astrology chart, and the most popular of them is the square.You’ll see it everywhere from the horoscope to your daily commute to the fridge.And yet, when you read the signs, the square is a tricky tool to use.What’s the square?It’s a mathematical concept that measures […]

Astronomy wallpaper and astrology wallpaper

You’re probably familiar with wallpaper images and wallpaper patterns.But you might also be surprised to know how astrologers use the images to communicate their astrological beliefs.Here’s a look at the top astrology and astrology wallpaper and patterns for your reading pleasure: Astrology wallpaper patterns and images:The best astrology/astrology wallpapers and images available for your viewing […]

When to buy a full moon sign for your home?

I am a bit obsessed with a particular astrolabe, a type of star chart that uses a different colour to show where the stars are on the sky.It can give you a hint of what time of year it is, or tell you where the sunrise is coming from.It’s a handy way to keep track […]

Why are Mercury and Venus aligned to the planets?

The planets are also aligned with their seasons.When Venus is in her seasonal zodiac, the solstices and equinoxes, Mercury is in his.When Mercury is at his full zodiacal, he is at the same time at the solstice and the equinum.The reason for the alignment is that Mercury’s solar day is associated with his solar noon […]

How to learn astrology by taking a deep dive

The purpose of astrology is to forecast the future.In order to learn about it, one must learn the history of the system, its meaning, its methods and rules, and more.To be a true astrologer, one needs to understand what these rules are, how to interpret them, and what they mean.But it can be difficult to […]

10th house sign of the Moon, Moon, and stars in the 9th house

Astrology is one of the oldest forms of magic and was originally used by the Egyptians and Babylonians to determine the future of the people.In the 12th century, a 16th century Spanish physician named Francisco del Valle created a system of astrology.Astrology was also used to predict the future.Today, astrology is used to determine health, […]

Which is better for your future? MSA horoscope

MSA, one of the oldest associations in the world, has announced its astrology predictions for the coming year.The association has said it will release the results of its 2017-18 annual report next month, with the first results due on March 31.It is one of only two organisations to have published such forecasts in the past […]

How to get astrology with the best candles

How to buy the best astroleries candles with the perfect price article You may not know that astrology is one of the most popular scientific subjects on the planet.It’s often taught in schools and universities around the world, but the discipline has also taken off with a resurgence in the last few years.But astrology has […]

Astrology is your friend for predicting the future

A new study finds astrology predicts the future more accurately than the weather and economics fields.The new research by University of California, Irvine’s John Ioannidis, PhD, and his team of researchers found astrology can predict the future almost as well as economists, weather experts, and even politicians.In fact, astrology predicted the next president by a […]

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