A sky chart with a different meaning for every observer could be the result of a combination of the elements.

It could be that some celestial bodies have their own meanings, which are different to what you might expect from the traditional view of the sky.

Theories abound on what exactly causes the sky to appear different to some people.

Some astronomers think the sky is made up of “solar wax” (solar dust) or “spheres of dust” (which may also be dust, snow, or sand).

Some researchers believe the sky contains more than one source of light.

And others believe that our view of our sky is based on a set of rules about how stars are seen.

Astronomers are still debating these theories.

In addition to the theories of light and dark, there are other theories that suggest that there is something more to the sky than what we have been taught.

This article was originally published on September 23, 2018.