The Hindu, November 11, 2020″I’ve been discriminated against for my faith and I am still going to be discriminated against,” said Nandan.

“I don’t believe in discrimination.

I’ve seen discrimination and people have done things to me.

I just can’t believe it’s happening.”

But I believe in equality.

I’m not religious but I believe there should be no discrimination in this country.

I don’t want anyone to feel discriminated against, even if they are a Christian or Muslim.

“There’s discrimination in the air and people don’t understand it.

I feel I am being discriminated against.

If I say it’s not religious, they’ll say it is and it’ll be OK.”

He said he felt it was wrong that he had to live with this discrimination and discrimination in other areas of life.

“What I’ve been subjected to is very sad and it has made me realise how important it is for people to be open-minded and open to all religions,” Nandan said.

“I have never had any kind of problem with my faith, my Hinduism, and my other beliefs.”