Lisa Hanawalt of the New York Daily News spoke to former ‘Mad Monologues’ star Megan Mullally who said she was “extremely lucky” to be able to practice astrology in Los Angeles. 

The actress told the paper she was able to find the “right person” to practice her practice. 

“There were some really great, great people I could work with in L.A. that I could really connect with and I was able and I really felt like I had something special,” she said.

“I had the right people, I had the opportunity, and it was just so wonderful to be an astrologer in the city.”

The actress, who was previously an intern at The Astrology Club, said she “was lucky” in that she had “great, great connections” in LA.

“It was really nice to find a place to practice my astrology.

I’m really blessed and I’m so thankful.”

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According to the LA Times, the actress was able “to work with some really really talented people, and I found a place that was right for me to practice.”

Mullally is the second actress to make headlines over the weekend, after former ‘Modern Family’ star Kim Richards reportedly broke her neck while working with her astrologers.

Richards reportedly reportedly broke a bone in her neck after she accidentally hit her wrist on the work table during a routine.