‘Mad Men’ star is trying to get a ‘New York City Astrology Bar’ in LA

Lisa Hanawalt of the New York Daily News spoke to former ‘Mad Monologues’ star Megan Mullally who said she was “extremely lucky” to be able to practice astrology in Los Angeles. The actress told the paper she was able to find the “right person” to practice her practice. “There were some really great, great people I could […]

How to know when you’re in line for an astrological sign

By Matthew B. RourkeThe first sign that could bring you down in a big way is astrology.It’s the sign of a rising sun and the zodiac sign that’s seen a surge in popularity.But you may also be surprised to find out that the astrolabe doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a sign of success […]

Which planets are best for astrology?

The best planets for astrological prediction have long been a topic of debate, but this year the latest research is proving astrologers right, at least in the UK.In fact, a new survey suggests that the best planets to predict the outcomes of weddings are also the ones best for predicting which couples are likely to […]

How to get rid of cancer astrology?

Astrology signs can be a lifesaver when it comes to finding a mate, but if you’re thinking of getting married, don’t forget to also think of your fertility.Here’s how to tell if your partner has cancer or not.

December 6, 2019 marks the beginning of astrological signs with Aquarius

As December sweeps into the horizon, we are entering a new era of astrology.As the planet begins to move into the winter solstice, it’s an auspicious time to look for signs and the planets to align in the coming months.Below is our guide to December’s signs and planets to keep in mind.If you’re looking for […]

Why the Capricorn Star and Astrological Sign Go Hand in Hand?

I’ve been trying to think of a sign that represents the capricorns and their influence on people, and it’s almost too good to be true.There are literally thousands of signs in the Capriodiac.Capricorns represent both beauty and energy, and their shapes, colors and sizes are so incredibly beautiful that they have been called the “seven […]

What is astrology and why is it such a controversial topic?

The astrology term “astrology” is often used interchangeably with “astronomy” (as in “Astronomy is astrological”).Astrology is a branch of the human sciences which studies the relationships between the physical and metaphysical worlds.It is based on a combination of mathematics and astronomy, and it focuses on the nature of the world in relation to the physical.Astrology […]

When are you most likely to experience astrolactic signs?

The following article was originally published on August 28, 2018.The article has been updated to include comments from the Fox Sports Astrology division.The Fox Sports astrology division has released its 2018-19 astrolagic chart and is currently the only one in the country that can give you a forecast for the next 24 hours.We asked our […]

Fifth house astrological sign: The stars, planets, and planets of fifth house

fifth house is a symbol of the four cardinal points of the Zodiac and is based on the Sun, Moon, and Mercury.This sign is used for the 5th House Astrology, which is the study of astrology.In astrology, fifth house represents a balance between the five elements of the cosmos, or the five planets of the […]

The most influential astrologer in the US? Author Paul Pisces

The most powerful astrologers in the United States may have been a Catholic who died in 1587, but they’re still influential enough to merit a biography.Paul Pisces was an astrologist and the author of the 1587 guidebook The Astronomical Man, published by a company called Copernicus.He died in 1605 at the age of 80, leaving […]

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