Co-star and actress Pamela Gorga stars in the HBO series, The Sopranos, and is considered one of the most influential astrologers in Hollywood.

She is a member of the Astrology Society of America.

She wrote a book called The Astrology Game and wrote a podcast called Astrology on the Verge of Ruin.

But while she has been a contributor to The Astrological Magazine, Gorgas astrology doesn’t get a lot of coverage.

Gorgat wrote an article for Gizmodo about the issue, but the publication didn’t mention her name.

She said she had an astrology contest and wanted to help promote it, so she wrote a blog post about it.

Grazier said she thought the article was a great opportunity to give astrologer Pamela Goggans astrology a better name, because she had just finished a book about astrology and was interested in the topic.

But Gogga said that Astrology magazine wasn’t aware of her writing the article until Gorgatt’s post.

Astrology Magazine, which Gorgagas founded in 2015, published Gorgats book, and she said that publication didn´t mention her by name.

In a statement, Astrology writer, Rachel Rieke, wrote that Goggas article was written by a contributor who had not been named.

Riekel wrote that the publication had a strict editorial process, and was looking into whether she had violated the magazine’s rules.

R.J. Schmitt, a spokesman for the magazine, told The Associated Press that it does not comment on individual contributors.

In her article, Goggat said she doesn´t think that astrology is inherently bad.

But she added that it can be hard to determine if astrology has a place in your life and life in general.

In an interview with The Associated